The Great Journey … Mahaprasthaana

Hari Om! Om Tatsat!

Jitendra Sharma 30th  August 1955 – 17th September 2017.

Jitendra! Sharmaji! Family and friends lovingly called him Binoo and siblings called him Binbhya.

A father figure to many, a man of steel with a heart so generous and full of love that despite his spinal injury and being bed-ridden, he made sure that anyone and everyone who visited him walked out with a smile on their face or a piece of advice that would transform their life for the better.


Only he could have thought of buying biryani and cake for nurses at CMC Vellore hospital on Christmas eve  – this was just a day after he admitted himself at the hospital… a few hours after his car accident. And for the first 4 months – as all of us may already know –they had fixed/drilled a halo crown around his head to avoid any spinal movement. His pain and discomfort did not stop him from caring and sharing. He hated gloomy and sad faces. And this small gesture made him a hero overnight.


Thank you family and friends for all your prayers, visits, phone calls, messages … thank you for reviving all those sweet memories of Papa, for narrating those incidents – the thought of which instantly brings a smile on our face and tears of happiness and gratitude in our eyes.

Our biggest achievement is and will always be … being born as daughters of Jitendra Sharma. Thank you Papa.

He had met with an accident on 24th December 2003 at 5.30 pm.

‘I chose not to die’ he told us/family when we finally reached Vellore. On seeing my younger sister cry, he said ‘beta, this too shall pass’ after narrating a beautiful story as an example.

For almost 14 years he served his time in tapasya … and with Goddess’s grace he went into a state of unconsciousness on 16th night (September 2017) because of which he could not feel any further physical pain or discomfort. He spent less than 7 hours in the hospital and left us for his Maharprasthaana or the Great Journey at 8.32 am on 17th morning.

As promised, he let us be by his side till his last breath … my sister and I stood on either side of his bed and whispered that he is world’s best dad and that we love him. He had prepared us well. Had told my mom couple of days ago that now his time has come. He looked absolutely handsome and at peace in his last few hours. To my sister and I … he looked just like our guardian angel.

It dawned upon us why he was doing or saying things he did in the last couple of weeks. And when we spoke about this to close family and friends … they were of the same opinion. ‘We are not surprised … that’s Binoo … he lived life King size and on his terms.’

The following are few other similar messages we received from near and dear ones:

No one but Binoo could have endured all this with courage and grace.

Only HE could deal with his spinal injury the way he did – Only he knew why and only he knew till when.

All that we have achieved in all these years and all the places we have been to … are all there as mere chapters of our life. But what matters is that even today, in all these years, it is the moments we spent with Binoo that when discussed – never fail to bring a smile on our face, a feeling of happiness that cannot be expressed in words … a feeling of contentment – thank God for those moments that are etched forever in our hearts.

That man – he could read minds … say exactly what is needed … and at the right time.

He is one of those special souls … you meet him once and you will remember him for a lifetime.

I’ve always admired his courage more than everybody else’s.

I am sure he has touched thousands of lives by being there for them when no one else would have … and this – no one will know until of course the receiver chooses to mention.

If he loved something or someone – he will never let them go.

Music was his soul … oh and that voice … they don’t make men like him anymore. Of wit, wisdom and presence of mind.

Koi mehfil lagana Binoo se seekhey ( Hindi)

Binoo ke jaisa dildaar koi nahin (Hindi)

A philosopher, an incurable romantic, a singer, writer, musician … a guide to all … and truly one in a million. He had the habit of listening to his favorite tracks over and over again. And of course … he sang them with as much perfection and passion as his fingers moved deftly across the keys of the classic harmonium.

The following are links to few of his favorite tracks … and few important verses are also shared below. To truly enjoy them and understand them …  you have to hear them over and over again.

Arz he ….

Aziz Naza –

Aaj jawani par itraney wale kal pachtayega …Charta suraj dheerey dheerey dhalta hai, dhal jayega

Jaan kar bhi anjana bun raha he diwane … Apni umra phani par tan raha hai diwane

Kis kadar tu khoya hai is jahan ke mele mein … Tu khuda ko bhoola hai phaske iss jhamele mein

Aziz Naza-

Jhoom barabar khoom sharabi … Jhoom barabar jhoom

Jaam jab samne aaye to mukarna kaisa … Baat jab piney ki aajaye to darna kaisa

Ahmed and Mohammad Husain –

Meri nazni tum mujhey bhool jana,   Hamey tumse na milne dega yeh zama

Kabhi hum milete the kisi ek shaher mein,  Kabhi hum milete phoolon ki dagar mein

Judaai ke sagmo ko has has ke sehana,  Mere geet ko sunkar khamosh rahena,

Kabhi inko sunkar na aansu bahana, Meri nazni tum mujhey bhool jana.

Shakeel Badayuni ghazal by Farida Khanum –

Mere Humnafas, Mere Humnawa, 
Mujhe Dost Ban Ke Daga Na De
Main Hoon Dard-e-Ishq Se Jaan-Valab, 
Mujhe Zindagi Ki Dua Na De

Momin Khan Momin ghazal by Begum Akhtar  –

kabhī ham meñ tum meñ bhī chaah thī kabhī ham se tum se bhī raah thī

kabhī ham bhī tum bhī the āshnā tumheñ yaad ho ki na yaad ho


Zindagii to bevafaa hai ek din thukaraaegii . Maut mahabuubaa hai apane saath lekar jaaegii.  Mar ke jiine kii adaa jo duniyaa ko sikhalaaegaa, Vo muqaddar kaa sikandar keh layega.